Coming Together at the Cheese and Meat Festival

Coming Together at the Cheese and Meat Festival

What comes to mind when you think of the word “community”?

For us, the Cheese and Meat Festival defines community. It is all about connection, lifting each other up, and bringing people together.

It brings together passionate vendors, those who love fine food, and those who want to help the most vulnerable populations. 

1. The Non-Profit Organizations

It is our duty, and yours, to support the community that we are a part of. We should be doing all we can do to foster meaningful relationships to empower each other. The Cheese and Meat Festival is teaming up with non-profits and community kitchens in the Seattle and Victoria area to support and empower the most vulnerable populations.  It is our duty Our mission is to foster connection, to provide a sustainable and educational plan that elevates our community. Our focus is to empower women at risk, providing tools to create momentum and inspire positive change. It is important to provide support for those who need a helping hand. 


2. The Vendors

Our vendors, both international and local, come together for a weekend of education. How special is it to meet the person who makes your food? These vendors share their own knowledge with you as experts of their products while learning how to best serve the community. They are interacting with other vendors: learning how to support each other as business owners, bringing in sustainable food practices, improving their products, and sharing their creations.

3. The Attendees

The attendees are those who come to meet other like-minded people, who value the art of preparing fine cheese and meat.

The festival is an opportunity to experience the sensation of a well-crafted prosciutto, paired with a light rosé, then discuss the sensations it makes you feel and the memories it brings up. The attendees learn through touching, tasting, and discussing. Meeting others from all walks of life, bonding over a love for food and drink: does it get more connected than that?

“We Rise By Lifting Others” – Robert Ingersoll


The Why: Wellness & Community

The Cheese and Meat Festival team believes that wellness is a key component of a healthy community; a community that cares about the delicate details, while lifting each other up. We are grateful for those who learn alongside us.

How does the Cheese and Meat Festival work to inspire wellness?

For the Festival team, it is all about growing and learning. By providing education on the food and drink pairings at the Festival, encouraging businesses to evolve together to serve the city, and bringing together community members to learn how to be a support system for one another.

For founder and producer, Dave Bain, the community makes the event special. The core of the Festival extends beyond the selections of cheese, meat, and drink pairings. The roots lie in the people involved: the non-profits, the vendors, the attendees.

“The Cheese and Meat Festival looks to foster representation in its regions. We focus on developing programs and features that allow for us, the community, to grow together,” said Bain.

No matter your involvement, the Festival connects us. Together, we are hungry to learn. The saying couldn’t be more fitting: food is best when shared, after all.

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