About The Charcuterie Board


The Charcuterie Board is an online magazine focused on increasing the knowledge of the world of cheeses, charcuterie’s and their pairings. This magazine features receipts, interactive vendor maps, features, and guides. The magazine is presented by the Cheese and Meat Festival. The Cheese and Meat Festival is the Pacific Northwest’s first Festival dedicated to showing the best in charcuterie pairings. Upon entry, attendees receive a charcuterie board (which they can keep) and a glass. Attendees walk through the beautiful settings of the Festival at their leisure exploring the best in local and international cheeses, meats, fermented and pickled fruits and vegetables, jams, spreads, breads, crackers, and restaurant creations while pairing them with wine, beer, cider, spirits, and non-alcoholic beverages. The Festival showcases seminars, live demos, and how-to- guides to allow for a one of a kind experience.